Perlin Noise, Generative Graphics, etc

Hey there, I’m fairly new to VVVV and programming in general, I know quite a bit and have learnt a few things… I’m not expecting to become a pro overnight, but there seems to be little in the way of reading material for VVVV.

I’m interested in creating generative graphics and have made a series of audio visualizer patches for vvvv but my question is, where do I start ? I want to be crating some visuals similar to these ;

audio reactive perlin noise lines:

perlin noise lines

helo joy,

have you checked the helppatches of Perlin (2d) and [Line (EX9](

for the slow fading out of graphics remember the trick where you set the Renderer (EX9)'s Clear to 0 and then as the last layer on a Group (EX9) you set a fullscreen quad with its color set to the same as the renderers background color but with its alpha component set to ~5%.

hope that helps. else please try to prepare a patch as far as you come and post it here with a more detailed question.