Perlin noise effect help (maybe)?

Gday from downunder in Australia

Thanks too all the contributors to VVVV, I’m just learning, but realising how powerful this toolkit is.

Im hoping that someone may be able to help me, im looking to create a similar effect as this effect by Sanch with the cubes.

Id really like to do this from a top down perspective such as could be projected on a wall.

Can anyone offer me some starting points or any available tutorials where I could learn this effect.

Thanks again everyone

You only want the cubes to move up or down, so first make a 2D grid off cubes, in a 3D space. Set up your renderer so you have 3D view. (I used a camera for this).

The trick is to copy/paste the Perlin (2D) helpfile and connect the perlin to the Translate Y.

I add an LFO to get some motion.

Feel free to ask what you don’t understand.

PerlinCube.v4p (19.9 kB)

Thanks West…REALLY appreciate it.

I remember doing one of the tutorials, which mentioned the help files…shame I didnt remember that : )

Thanks again