Performance drop in betas/alphas after 35.2



just tested my stuff with new RC (35.18) and was seriously disappointed again by its performance for ‘standard’ 4v features - shaders/patches/dyn.plugs (no vl).

the last version which behaved well enough (against ol’ good 33.7) was 35.2 (which i keep using for production). 35.8 was a bit slower; 35.18 showed solid 10-12% perf drop against 35.2 on big setups.
here are min/avg/max fps for my vj setup (~300 patches, ~200 shaders, few plugins), 64bit:
35.2 - 48/60/65
35.8 - 47/58/62
35.18 - 44/54/58

synthetic test with plain vanilla distros (no even addonpack) gave different (but also funny) results:
35.8 and 35.18 performed about the same (27-29 fps) on my pc, but more than twice (!) slower than 35.2 (~60fps).
this test obviously tells nothing about patching/ui overhead, which is probably important too (or what is the reason of diff between 35.8 and 35.18).

here is test file
testperf.v4p (29.7 KB)

is it kind of apple trick for pushing humanity to speedier vl, or i’m missing smth?


eps, thank you for the detailed report!
performance drop was caused by enum encoding changes.
newest alphas come with a fix:
please have a look, thanks again!


gregsn, thanks for advise!
dramatic twofold drop in that simple test is gone in latest alpha;
mentioned (and noticeable) 10% difference is still there though.
it’s not a total showstopper but enough to stay on the 35.2 for pure 4v projects…


The alpha builds are always a bit slower as they do some more runtime checks.
We built it with beta configuration and gave your patch another test run and it behaved similarly to 35.2.


alas, miracle didn’t happen
just released b36 behaves the same as predecessors
10-12% performance drop comparing to 35.2