Performance drop from beta31.2_x64 to beta33.1_x64

I noticed when moving a project from 31.2 to 33.1 that it could no longer run at 60fps. It had actually dropped quite a bit to around 47. Debug shows the project running in 31.2 at around 12000 ticks and 16000 in 33.1.

I’ve attached a simple patch that on my machine demonstrates a drop of around 10fps.

*open in 31.2
*adjust the backbuffer up or down so your patch is just on the edge of running smooth at 60fps
*save it
*open in 33.1

I see a drop of around 10 fps and higher tick count in debug mode.

Can anyone else confirm this? I’ve not tired 31 to 32. I’ve not tried x86. It’s not timing precision stuff as tested on and off. I’ve not tired much else really but this appears to be a performance drop between versions for sure.


PerformanceTest.v4p (8.4 kB)

yea, can confirm for my projects still using 31.2 x64 due to that issue

same here with 32 version

got this here (i7+gt650m laptop)

31.2 x64 : 59-60 fps
33.1 x64 : 56-57 fps

31.2 x86 : 42-43 fps
33.1 x86 : 40-41 fps

I’ve updated my simple and crude performance test patch (new one attached) to give a little more data to help get a decent idea of what is going on.

i7 3.4Ghz + AMD R9 200

31.2 x64: 60 fps
33.1 x64: 47 fps

Interesting unc not seeing the same level drop as I am. Quite a drop on my machine.

I know some stuff was done to fix

PerformanceTest.v4p (12.1 kB)

indeed. that was an interesting one. introduced right after b31.2 totally unrelated to anything (in fact a delphi-regexpr-library bugger) that caused this massive drop. thanks a lot for pointing that one out. check yourself in latest alpha.

yeah that’s fixed it. many thanks for the quick fix and alpha.