Perception neuron mocap system

Hi there, wondering if anyone got this mocap suit talking to vvvv:


i got the predecessor ( working with vvvv by locally streaming the bvh data from the axis player over tcp.

inside vvvv i split the incoming data into position and rotation, which can be used to translate + rotate a custom skeleton via SetJoint (Skeleton).


concerning the joint mappings i took some hints from the unity implementation:

if you are planning to build a proper plugin as a contribution, you could also try to contact tobias baumann from noitom for further assistance.

also, it may be a good idea to make use of the “official” NeuronRobot Skeleton that comes with the unity sdk.

Yes. Same here. Got the previous version running with a bvh stream. It’s pretty straight forward.

I supported the kickstarter and got a full body suit with 30 sensors here - but never got to do something with it.

Where are you based?


Also want to use data from the perception neuron suit in vvvv. would you mind to share the patch you did already? That would probably help a lot. Many thanks!

Also want to use data from the perception neuron suit in vvvv. would you mind to share the patch you did already? That would probably help a lot. Many thanks!

I am getting values from the axis neuron mocap software over UDP, string. But the values are quite high, up to three digits, which is strange, especially for rotation. Tried to divide it by 0.1, but still getting strange results, especially for the rotation when using the createJoint node. For the createJoint node, I used the Unity mapping reference (attached) to reconstruct the character hierarchy, but there are many glitches with wrong angles and rotations - maybe I didn’t use the node proper (haven’t used it before). Attached the patch. The patch includes a text that holds the streamed UDP values of one frame as reference. It can be also tested with the mocap software, which comes with a bunch of mocap samples. Download: .

Would be great to get any suggestions. Really stuck with this at the moment. Very thankful for any hints.

UDP test 05_.v4p (51.0 KB)

Looks like rotations in degrees, try to divide by 360


could not test if it’s still working.
keep in mind that this was used with a different hardware and an axis player that was still in development.

start with a t-pose to limit confusion and have an axis player window opened. (68.0 KB)

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Sorry for not catching up earlier. The patch does receive data from Axis! But there is a missing red node: CreateHumanoidSkeletonBVH. Can’t find it anywhere. Would you mind to send it? Many thanks!

Hi reaktant! Any change to point me to the CreateHumanoidSkeletonBVH node? Search everywhere but no luck. Thanks!


I wouldn’t call this a proper plugin, but I uploaded a simple patch that reads data from axis neuron BHV stream.

I’d like to implement it better, but, not being my current priority, I’ve been procrastinating around it for several months, so I might as well just leave it here in case someone find it useful.


hello guest,
also sorry for the late reply.
just realized that the forum emails are serious when they mention unread notifications.

CreateHumanoidSkeletonBVH (Skeleton).v4p (64.7 KB)