Peformance difference between 23 and 25.1

Ok, i´ll try to reproduce some patches in b20 and b25 when i have a few time, to see the performance differences particularly in dualcore machines, like the new tablet pcs.

Not for all the projects have we the possibility to use a core i7 with a gtx580 and ssd.

Besides this topic of performances, If i may suggest ooooo devvvvs please to fix the interaction mouse clicks on ioboxes

I know thats like a beginner asking why to a master but by the hell why on ioboxes it s freezzing sluttering ?
Ant there timers in delphi ( is vvvv still developp in delphi ?) to treat mouse click logicals outside frame based main loop ?

the points that interst me the most are those:

i’d argue nothing has significantly changed in vvvvs rendering engine after b23. thats why i’d love to see patches prove your statements. and it shouldn’t be hard to prove:

  • when you are talking of “more resource consuming on graphic card” please show us a patch that when opened in b23 and b25.1 shows different output on Memory (Debug ex9)
  • when you are talking of slower execution of shaders please show us a patch using a shader that when opened in b23 and b25.1 shows different fps using PerfMeter (Debug)

also this sounds easy to prove

  • a patch doing a feedback effect that works in b20 and not in b25.1

simple as that, no?

we are aware of the gui stutters/delays you mentioned, but they should be completely separated in this discussion.

Hi joreg ok . Many thanks to have described the procedure.

@joreg, I will surely ask something VERY stupide once again.

I have downloaded alpha25.2… just donwloaded and open ( no patching).

with addons pack: 10 seconds to open (splash screen) until the blanck patch window open
without addons pack: 7 seconds
vs beta 25.1 with addons packs: 7 seconds
vs beta 23 with addons packs: 4 seconds !!!

Is it because of nodes browser data base creation or is it because its pre-loading somehow all dlls in memory ?

About tests,
Sorry not to arrive to be precise, but “there are certain things that user feels” ( Kalle’s one). i will get one of my show, the one with 17 shaders, and see specifically your asking.

@alpha25.2: interesting numbers, but please keep all alpha-talk on irc only. we don’t want the forum to be confused with alpha vs. beta talk, so excuse me for not answering here.

@users feelings:
thats fine, only it doesn’t help devvvvs or other users reading about those. thats why we always ask for patches demonstrating those feelings.

@Joreg, Tonfilm:
i´m porting my vj set from b20 to b25 and i found many performance differences, i can´t talk about b23.

I´ve attached a test. Maybe you know it ;)

PerfTest.rar (548.0 kB)

Maybe it´s well known but i wanted to add it.

Simple sobel edge feedback effect, in b20 works
it doesn´t work in second screen on b25.
It happens also with greg´s wave simulator shader as IO wrote in some thread.

FeedbackTest.rar (8.0 kB)

@joreg: trying to find time to do it seriously