PDF about vvvv gamma and "pad" function

Hello. I am very new to vvvv gamma. I’m wondering : if there are any pdfs that i can download to learn more vvvv?
And i also try to learn about “pad”; what does it do? Thankyou in advance.

There is two major versions of vvvv: vvvv beta, the old one, and vvvv gamma the new one

For gamma look https://visualprogramming.net/#Learn

For beta

As for the pad question, if you have any programming background, then the pad is similar to a property. Basically it’s a “variable” you can set and get data from.

If you take OOP (you define some methods inside your class) then some methods would write to pad and other methods would read from pad…

You should look beginner tutorials… also there is a chat on element, for quick questions

In the graybook you find some written documentation about gamma.
but for the start I would also recommand the video tutorials

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