PCI Express capture card in Stride or Skia

Hallo both Stride and Skia VideoIn are designed to work with USB devices. The only way to get something out from a PCI Express card (for example Magewell SDI Pro) is with OpenCV but it comes with a substantial overhead with ImageToTexture node peaking at over 1000us.
Any way around or nuget I am missing?

Have you seen https://github.com/vvvv/VL.Devices.DeckLink?

Later on I can try but I would say that nuget will work with the Blackmagic propietary driver. In my case the Magewell shows up correctly in VLC as a capture device, it also shows up in both Stride and Skia VideoIn node in the enumerated entries but there is no video coming through.

The example patch crashes and VideoIn from DeckLink does not like not having Blackmagic hardware/drivers installed.

Not optimal at all but I get better performance than using OpenCV sharing textures with Beta

Btw this is my capture card: Pro Capture Quad SDI - Magewell

There are many different video driver standards. The VL.Video.MediaFoundation supports UVC 1.1 driver.

OpenCV uses the WDM model, I believe. So at the moment, that seems to be the only option. The best would be to ask the camera vendor which driver model is the best to use. Or maybe they have an SDK to get low-latency capture, like DeckLink.

Yes they do have an SDK even with C#, the inputs show up easily in VLC as DirectShow, is it possible to have a generic Dshow input in Stride? I am not sure how “generic” that can be though.
These cards go for pretty cheap compared to Datapath and they have performed well.

Looks like a good option. If you have a budget, best get in contact here: https://visualprogramming.net/#Support

I think would be interested to sponsor that. @tonfilm Could we chat a little more about that? Had a couple other topics as well been meaning to touch base about.

@io you in a hurry amigo?

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@everyoneishappy I am fine using Spout at the moment although it introduces some lag. Anyway this is something that should definitely be added.

I’ve used a magewell usb capture device with vvvv, and it was great, solid and much less faff that Blackmagic stuff just with the default vfw driver

@catweasel Just to clarify are you talking vvvv beta or VL.Stride?

Sorry vvvv beta, I just separate them as vvvv and VL, as to me they are different applications

I just wanted to add that both a Magewell USB3 HDMI card and a unbranded USB3 SDI card work with the Media Foundation VideoIn.

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