Pausing LFO

Hi all,

I’m new to vvvv and this might be a stupid question, but how can i pause a LFO output? It works with an IOBox, but I want to connect it to a GT (Value) and it won’t let me. Why can’t I use this for pausing LFO and is there another way to do it?


patch.png (6.6 kB)

to create a loop use framedelay…

What do you mean with creating loops? I want to pause the LFO-output when it’s value reaches 0.999. I’m sorry if you answered this question and I just don’t get the tip.

Ok then, West did an example about such things…You’ll find some usefull infos there…

Make an LFO only run once

you should also have a look on decay (animation)

if you want to connect an output of the lfo with an input you try to create a feedback loop. therefore you need to put an framedelay inbetween.

see Creating Feedback Loops

Thanks for the answers, the example is exactly what I was searching for.

One additional question: In the patch-description of the example it says “Advantage: Run an LFO exactly one time, and let it stop at exactly 0.0000 or 1.0000”. How can I make it stop at 1.000? The example stops at 0.0000

Easy just put 1 in the first input of the switch node ;)

stop at 1.v4p (3.6 kB)

an alternative is to use a monoflop/ filter combination for tasks like this…

stop at 1 alternative.v4p (3.3 kB)