PathTooLongException (Not able to continue working with vvvv afterwards)

1.) Unfortunately vvvv can’t handle long path / filenames (not sure if it’s the filename of the VL-Patch or a file which want’s to be loades inside the patch (Stride))


2.) If this restriction is not possible to change, it would be great if it would throw a warning instead of “crashing” the program. At the moment I’d have to close vvvv and reopen it to continue working with Stride.

I can click on “Continue” in the Console message, but afterwards also other files won’t continue working but vvvv stays on “Stop” and SceneWindow will not open.
If I try to run it afterwards, the SceneWindow pops up for a second but dissapears again. vvvv stays on stop.


Any solution on this?

I think this happens due to a Windows limitation. Here is an article on how to change it.

@benju please give the latest 2021.4.9-preview a spin and let us know if this problem persists.

Thanks for he hint @bjoern , this might help for my case, but I if possible to get around this limitation for vvvv would be even greater of course.

Unfortunately still happening with the same PathTooLongException issue in latest 2021.4.9 preview 0963.

I just checked the count of my path. It’s not the VL-File, but some files loaded in the patch (3D-Models, Textures) of which the path is around 280 characters… :/

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