Path (SVG)

Hi Devvvvs (Mainly Tonfilm I guess)

I really like the SVG nodes and use them from time to time, but I have run into situations where I needed to create Paths and I can not do that from within vvvv.

so the feature request would be a Path (SVG) node


actually sitting on this now, how would you define the curves? the options are quite many:
right now i have these inputs:

  • vertex, end point of current curve segment
  • control 1, first control point if needed
  • control 2, second control point if needed
  • command, the curve segment type as string, as defined in the svg specification

what not works with this, are the ellipic arcs… i was thniking of a node which converts the arc paramters into quadratic bezier curves with 2 control points, but that would require some SetSlicing when its used… what you think?

its in the alpha now for testing purpose… elliptic arcs work now too.