Patching problem

hey guys
I’m having a little problem with my patch
I’m tracking fiducials
I’m currently just working with 2 at the moment
the only problem is when i have one fiducial tyhe 2nd getslice picks it up too?
is there a way that I can just have one getslice selecting one and then waiting for the second fiducial to pick up the other?

ContourFducialsub.v4p (31.2 kB)

instead of the GetSlice, you can use = on the ID and Select to get values…

I tried that
but it does not work B

Basically if I see fiducial 2 then i want to display menu2
otherwise if i see fiducial 5 i want to dislay menu 5
theproblem is when the camera sees fiducial 2 it gets both the menus to display
I’m not too sure what I’m doing wrong

hey got it working
thanks coloursound!

ContourFducialsub.v4p (36.9 kB)