Patching logic - or: how to bang things PD/MAX-style?

i have a question regarding patching logics of vvvv - i am trying to understand why eg. a node like “>=” constantly outputs 0 instead of nil. this makes it quite hard for me to write patch-logics where thigs are triggered.
how does vvvv deal with the max/pd style of banging/triggering things? or do i have to think different?

I think you have to edit or repost your question, your original post somehow got corrupted.


meanwhile check the nodes TogEdge and Change, read this. in general a bang in vvvv is a 1 with the duration of one frame…

oops, thanks the complete post got f*cked up. i just edited the entry and put the original question…
tonfilm: thanks for pointing me to specific nodes - i will take a look at Toggle, TogEdge and Change now!

maybe you should have a look at this thread too.