Patching into off screen nodes?

How do I patch into nodes that are off the computer screen? I try dragging the patch cord to the edge of the screen but it doesn’t scroll to the hidden nodes!

*Scroll Vertical with Mousewheel
*Scroll Vertical Fast with CTRL-Mousewheel
*Scroll Horizontal with ALT-Mousewheel
*Scroll Horizontal Fast with CTRL-ALT-Mousewheel
*move selected nodes by 1 px CursorKeys
*move selected nodes by 10 px SHIFT+CursorKeys

see Keyboard Shortcuts for more helpful things

go into the v4p file with WordPad (or a proper XML or ASCII editor; not Notepad (see bush hid the facts))

spot BOUNDS tags with type=“Node” and insanely huge values for left or top; replace the numbers with 0. reload and find the nodes in the upper left corner.

thanks. my scroll wheel also has sideways tilt but vvvv doesnt like.

did you try ALT+“regular” Mousewheel?