Patches not seen in effects and plugins folders?

Perhaps things have always worked this way and I never noticed it, but it seems pretty brain-dead: I have a path defined in my root.v4p to a folder with effects, modules, and plugins folders. vvvv sees the .v4p files in the modules folder (and subfolders), but not in the effects or plugins folders.

So patches that are part of an effect or plugin, sensibly grouped with the effect or plugin in its respective subfolder, are not seen and have to be moved into the modules to appear in the node list. Very messy and un-modular.

Whasup wid dat?

Oh, and if I move an effect folder with the .fx and .v4p files under the modules folder, the .v4p files are now seen, but not the .fx.

hei mediadog,
what you observe is by design and yes, this design has its flaws.

but here is the idea:
if you have a module that uses an effect/plugin sometimes it does not make sense to offer (in the nodebrowser) the effect/plugin on its own. in that case put the effect/plugin below the \modules folder and have only the module show up.

if you have a modlue that uses an effect/plugin that is also useful on its own, then put the effect/plugin in its respective folder and just make the module use it.

hope that works for you.

OK, but as of some recent beta (30?) patches named without a group identifier in parenthesis do not appear in the node browser, so there exists a mechanism for handling .v4p file visibility - so as a minimum such labeled files in effects and plugin folders SHOULD show up in the node browser. Perhaps there should be a similar mechanism for effects and plugins under the modules folder, but just the case of .v4p files in effects and plugins showing up would be hugely helpful (and the more common).

In any case, the pitfalls of REQUIRING related files to be distributed in various folders seem much greater than having some benign names showing up in the nodebrowser. This makes distributing and maintaining sets of features painful and error-prone, a classic bad design pattern of organizing by container type instead of function. Do you sort your my music collection by theme and artist, or by .acc, .mp3, .wav, etc.? (;^})