Patches don't open correctly if their names contain parentheses

When trying to open a file that´s e.g. called “Test (String).v4p” the patch doesn´t open at all or the resulting patch window is blank.

If vvvv is not running, doubleclicking the file results in an empty patch window.
If vvvv is already running and you use ctrl+O to open the file nothing happens at all. There is also no error message in Renderer TTY.

Dragging the file onto an other open patch window works as does ctrl+shift+o.

Renaming the patch to “Test.v4p” or even “Test ().v4p” resolves the issue.

Beta 25
Tested on Win XP64 and Win 7 Pro.

Test (String).v4p (823 Bytes)

hi bjoern. noticed the same thing (but i’ don’t know if there’s a bug or a feature, because the helppatches open correctly. Anyway when you load the patch vvvv loads it, but it’s minimized and another empty patch is created runtime.
if you press alt+r can see the root of vvvv, containing your patch and the empty one, plus the standard things. and if you rightclick on the patch you loaded it opens. really strange

thats right, in case the filename matches the modules naming convention its considered a module and opened hidden. we’ll see what we can do…

Another thing you should be aware of is to accidentally save the -vvvv root patch- while patching. this will result in opening the patch twice and in an hour of searching for its reason.

fixed. modules again open like normal patches in windowed mode.

@milo: fixed. “save all” won’t save the root anylonger.
in general from now on you can

  • prevent vvvv from asking to save a certain patch
  • prevent vvvv from saving on “save all”
    by turning off Query Save of a Self (VVVV) - like shown in the root…
    for beta>25