Patchbox blogspot or instant upload patch from Kommunikator to \/\/\/\/.org

Hi ////-reak’s!
Have a bright idea now!
How we survive like this before?

SOO!!! :;] say… you found a cool idea… so, you want to share it straight away, before you had to go to contribution, upload, maintain |to slow|
now:: just like a screenshot! but, A, PATCH!!!
with small asset or help patch, but wikidible-shmikidible, so you can store a link after! Sort by usernames, erase, bla-bla-bla!

you can do log, name of modulo a screen and description,
So you can do screenshot and upload modulo straight to the blog from Kommunicator.

one more for userpages: sort by user page size pls…

+1 fo’ sho!

devs seems abandon us on holidays

Terrific idea Anto.


I think the threaded forums of the old site offered allowed for a certain amount of playground space to share small ideas and patches in a concentrated way. I think the current forum design is better, but I think that technical questions dominate over fun, weird shit we come across while patching(not meaning bugs).

I think new comers could find vvvv a little easier to approach too if they had lots of random demo patches they could riff off of. I remember there was a rather heated discussion on these forums a few months back about a related issue, and he wasn’t completely wrong, despite his lack of tact ;-)

yes, that would be nice to have something better that this big basket of contribution. It is strange for example to have a contrib going at the first place when a comment is added. Need a better system to work and make a contrib evolve.

Hello, despite the fact that deep inside I want that also new users must work hard to vvvv ;), I feel like I have to suggest that a contribution can be tagged as tutorial, so that is possible to solo it.
It would also be very simple adding a line at /documentation/xx.tutorials (which, tbh, is already there, though it could be more specific), pointing at these contributions.
Starting to stuff that section - stealing from Westbam’s Westricks and Video Tutorials for example - would be a nice first step, as, up to now, that section actually contains material which is not exactly covering common tasks for a new vvvver.
Then, I guess, when there will be enough material, we can ask dave to do something.

My 2 cents,


Oh indeed, a tutorial space is already available around here via the documentation link.

I was thinking more about my first part, when I’m experimenting and/or I just want to share a discovery the community without contaminating the contributions area.

Contributions should be formal and particular and well documented. A pastebin sort of scene needn’t be. The image blog already shows the output of these results, but being able to upload a patch hitting Ctrl+shift+3 could do a similar thing.

I’d probably use it as a way to quickly answer patching questions with quick examples that come up on the forums or Shoutbox, but it could also be used for exquisite corpses or patch tennis.