PatchAlias and/or GetPatch issue


when choosing any patch other than root in PatchAlias (VVVV Name), TTY says:

GetPatch: couldn’t find patch G:\v4dev\vvvv-sdk\vvvv45\addonpack
\girlpower\Rope (EX9) vs Rope (DX9) comparison.v4p. You need to specify a
patch name with an absolute path.

This happens also with beta31.2_x86; win7 x64, here

See attached patch.

Thank you.

getpatch_bug.v4p (1.3 kB)

As stated in PatchAlias (VVVV) helppatch “It returns only a link to a running patch.”, in order to have a result out of GetPatch node, patches must be opened in vvvv.
Since TTY reports that “You need to specify a patch name with an absolute path.”, I thought the PatchAlias (VVVV Name) node would be able to read a patch anyway.

true. works only for “running” patches. the reason you still need to specifiy an absolut path at runtime is that you may open same-named patches from different directories at the same time. see?

Yes yes; I didn’t look at it from a correct point of view, sorry.
What led me astray, is that though I was providing a filename by right-clicking on PatchName, despite the fact I found an abs path into Inspektor and into TTY renderer error message itself, I was getting the error anyway.
Thank you.