Patchacucha in Milan

Hello everybody and happy new year!

This post is for everyone who might be interested in a new year patchacucha in milan.
this idea start from me, fibo and Noir. we initially simply wanted to meet each other again after the node.
Then we realized this could be the beginning of what we dreamed at node: periodical patchacucha for italian vvvv guys around milan!

So i’m writing here to ask if there’s someone interested in it.

For this first edition we already have some theme:

  • i will speak about ParticlesGPU library, explaning all the features and how they work.
  • fibo will talk deeply about quaternions (on my demand ehehhe) and also his chaos toys.
    everyone interested can propose new things, and other arguments will be improvised in a true patchacucha style.


before we have to solve an urgent problem: SPACE
we need a space big enough to let many people work on pc and listening in a confortable way.
This depends on you guys. We don’t have any possibility atm (we initially thoght to meet @ noir’s house. it’s ok for 3, not for more…).
if someone of you have any solution at this problem we can go ahead in the organization.

So… let us know what you think and if you are interested.
we’d like to do it as soon as possible (we where thinking at next week…) but also depends on your possibilities…

Waiting for replies


:-( i can find easely place in France for 10 to 20, with light and sounds. but Milan :-( Kalle ?

For people who want to join, also in the future, can you reply and update the @map with your location please?

I know there are more vvvv users in Milan, so we could have more information to organize pathacucha.

whether in Italian or English, videos would be highly appreciated, unfortunately (in this case) I don t live in Italy any more…

Talk to Alessandro @ dotdotdot. Big studio place in Milan, cool guy ;)

maybe some socialcenter in milan? else i think i could find a nice spot for 10-15 people but in brescia.

i try to think if i know some1 in milan to ask for some place to go, btw, i will be there almost for sure!!

my italian friends!

as most of you know i currently live in italy.
even quite close to milan.
even closer to genoa…

for the reason that my contract here is finished it seems that i will be moving somewhere else soon.

i really would like to join a patchakutcha thingi in genoa/milano before i leave italy.
room in Arenzano should not be the problem; but only within the next 6 weeks…

so what’s up?

place would be 100m from Arenzano Train Station…

(@buongiorgio: hope, it’s ok for you, but i think so :) )

ciao ragazzi!
fibo and me did set up a DOODLE where you can select your preferred days for a pachakucha.
just click that link, enter your name and check your days…selfexplanatory.

right now we would meet in Arenzano (GE)
if you can offer another space for meeting, feel free to add this to the DOODLE.

hope to see you guys soon!