Patch too big?

Hi vvvvolks!

I am working on a patch with some subpatches. I have worked on it for quite a while and everything was fine. But suddenly technically possible connections cannot be made any longer. When I open a new patch the same connection is possible. Is the patch too big? ~110KB Has that bug ever occured to someone?




could you give more details please ?

i dont think a patch can go too big, some meso vvvv projects are bigger for sure …

try to upload your patch here with short description which connection dont work.

do you work with s, r nodes?
try to put a framedelay anywhere (very ugly) between the nodes you want to connect.
is it working now?
are the pins from the same type (value, string…)?


Thanks for your fast replies. I am indeed working with R , S nodes. I have about 15 in my patch. Till now everything worked fine. With framedelay in between it is possible to connect the pins, but beside of looking ugly this changes the behaviour of the patch. Is there another solution? Are the R, S nodes the reason for the strange behaviour? In this case I will build the patch new without them?!

the deeper solution to your problem is described here: Creating Feedback Loops The S + R nodes are fine, but they tend to hide the problems from your eyes…

Thanks! That helps me a lot!
I was about to panic that this superb tool might crash. I am pretty delighted that it´s resolving that way :)