Patch doesn't open anymore

Hi vvvvsers,
I’ve been using Gamma for some weeks after years without beta. It’s pretty cool but today I’ve worked on a patch and at one time I saved and Gamma didn’t open it anymore, I’ve re-installed the entire OS (I’m working on vmware), nothing happens. I’ve rewritten the entire patch and when I’ve finished it, same story. I haven’t used particular nodes, just images, spreads, masks and LFOs.

I wanted to cotinue another patch and sane story! Gamma didn’t open it… but it opens other patches, like patches I’ve just started, with few nodes

A friend says it’s a problem of paths, but we don’t know. Anything in mind?

please upload the patch here, so we can have a look at it.

copertinaNuovaNuova.vl (71.6 KB) roundAlphabet.vl (61.7 KB)

Here they are, but they just do not open up :(

ok, i, see…not sure how you did that but indeed you have paths referenced for images in a way that vvvv cannot handle them. consider this a bug.

as a workaround for now: open your .vl documents in a text-editor and look for filepaths prefixed with “file:///” and remove that. save the file and it should open in vvvv again.

any hint as to how you managed to enter the path like that? did you do that manually or use the file chooser that pops up on rightclicking the pin?

ll right I’ll check it. Thansk!
yes i use the rightClick and then I choose the pic from the popup window

But what about the roundAlphabet file? there are no pics there :O

Interesting. I think I’ve produced that error in the past, too. Maybe the file was on a network drive or something.

indeed, had only checked the first file. the roundAlphabet.vl is completely broken in that it is just cut off. it is just half the file, the rest is missing. any chance you know how you managed to do this? obviously this should never happen. so if you find a way to reproduce this, please let us know!

@chronoPan we save backups of changed files every 5 minutes. click “Show Backups” in the quad menu to open the folder. maybe you can find a working version of your files in there?

Holy s…t, @tonfilm, I didn’t know the backup story. I’ve completely formatted my virtual machine… It was quite difficult as patch too for my knowledge. Sigh… Probably I will do it from zero, as I did for the “CopertinaNuovaNuova”, I will check the notepad later and I’ll let you know: thank you all guys!


The patch has to open with the notePad and you have to reset the paths: have a look to DefaultValue=""

<Pin Id="NFbboKjiFgVPqrmSafaNPH" Name="Filename" Kind="InputPin" DefaultValue="THIS_PATH_HAS_TO_BE_DELATED">
                <p:TypeAnnotation LastCategoryFullName="IO" LastSymbolSource="CoreLibBasics.vl">
                  <Choice Kind="TypeFlag" Name="Path" />

About the backups: they don’t work either, but cool feature!

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