Patch destroyed after crash

Hey there had a main patch with a subpatch in it which was unfortunately destroyed after a crash, can still open it but its empty :(((((((((

I was just messsing around a bit in this subpatch (there where mostly value- and animation nodes in it), clicked back into my original patch when i notice that there seems to be a lack of cpu while typing a new node. I wanna save since I see theres something going wrong, but the options on the save window are not clickable - I do click on save all but the window isnt disapearing and nothing happens at all.

I Use the task manager to end all this hassle, and when i rebost v4 I notice that my subpatch is gone :(

damn I’m pissed!

timer.v4p (117 Bytes)

Is there a “timer~.xml” ?

just looked, yes there is! Can I do anything with it to retrieve my work?

just rename it to timer.v4p. should only work though if it contains more information than the original patch you´ve posted here. open both files with a texteditor and have a look.