Passing object between nodes

Hi vvvvers;

Is there a way for me to pass object between nodes. does INodeOut->INodeIn serve that purpose? Is value, string, texture …etc only common currency among nodes

maybe my design logic is wrong. I should contain all logic within one Node? please enlighten me


I think i can answer myself. simply initialize Input/Output by
Ispread Finput;

then you can communicate (myClass)object among nodes. Amazing!

can anyone tell me how to import my dll by default for all the nodes cloned? like VVVV.core

you can clone a node which has the .dll referenced, then the cloned one has it also, because it is a clone… :)

be carefull when passing classes between nodes, you can not be sure about the call order if multiple inputs are connected to one output. they all get the same class object and can modify it, but you don’t know which one comes first…