Particles to Noodles buffer problem

Hi, I’m trying to connect ParticlesDX11 and Instance Noodles and I came across this problem. It seems that Noodles store different number of buffers than Particles. Also, some nodes in Noodles need to be restarted on open. Please check attached patch. Thanks

If you look at the information being sent to noodles, it’s just position & rotation. So you are drawing 10K objects, and changing their position & rotation. So the result is correct actually. Having said that I assume you want to stop drawing particles that are dead. There’s a few ways you could do that. I just added a scale in to the P system/patch as an easy fix. For the nodes that were not initializing I guess that is an artifact of setting them to spreadcount 0 at the start.


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Hi, if I change the number of particles (10000 to 9999) a few on them remain on the renderer named NOODLES. I changed the number, then came here to write this, then looked again, so they won’t disappear in reasonable time*. Only solution I found is to hit ParticleSystem Reset pin with a Change downstream ParticleCount. Thought it could be related to some InstanceNoodles nodes.
The other renderer shows how the cycle begins anew, immediately removing all of the particles from the preceding cycle.
So it’s possible that is something related to AsAttributeBuffer node. Can’t really say it.

*I’ve waited a few minutes, now, and it’s got better, although few parallelepipeds are still there.

thanks @everyoneishappy, this is getting pretty powerful

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