Particles plugin - Random colurs & Interaction

I’m exactly 2 days new to vvvv. Really enjoying. If someone could guide me as to how to create this patch I’d be well on my way to completing the rest of this project.

I’m trying to have 3 swarms of spheres each sphere /particle member with a different/random colour. With the click of a button is it possible to have spheres of the same colours clustering together. If I were to click the button again I’d Iike the clusters of colour the disperse and the swarm particles/spheres to revert to their initial random 3 systems.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’ve gone through the tutorials and I can’t seem to find anything to guide me on this.

Many thanks

hi shaun,

i think that the InputMorph (Value) node can help you there; the trick is to remember how spreads are handled. this can make your livvvve a lot easier :)

swarm.v4p (13.6 kB)