Particles + particle systems

Hello to all vvvv enthusiasts. I am a newbie and a little bit pround for understanding and using some vvvv technics. SOME… and a lot NOT :-( Ok, i want to start creating another visualizer based on a particle - system. Are there different systems usable with vvvv? I dont understand the difference between gpu-particles and the particle system availible as vvvv standard-node. And how to control them (newbie) - with vectors, attractors both? Sometimes i´m viewing tutorials for vsxu_player (simular language)and i found the method controlling particles by the form of a mesh. Is this method applicable on vvvv??? (Next theme i´m relatively clueless is mesh-distortion - ok, i saw the example, where the vvvv - teapot is deformed by an attractor… but how to control an attractorexactly? Are there other methods?? Special spreading as it works on a rope?) Questions, questions… Thanks to everyone who wants to help me.

@dottore)) made a nice guide, this should answer your questions: ((contribution:particlesgpu-library-guide

Thank you tonfilm, thank you dottore! Thats real help to me. By the way: did anybody view the vsxu_tutorials? Talking,clicking - ten nodes on the the screen and no idea what mr.asterix really did. (i love his work, but not as a teacher). Thank god for mr.westbam :-))

shameless self promo here: (if you’re brave enough. no tutorials yet ;) )

uh nice microdee, that is a lot of stuff… can you provide any sample patch?

there’s an initial girlpower now

Pheeww Micro amazing!

But is it me or is the SSAOTemporal Node and the SequentialAdd Node missing?

whoop whoop whoop! uncleared cross-dependency: for now use for SequentialAdd and for that ssao thingy

amazing microdee!

cool stuff microdee

really nice. had a first quick look today, that was very promising