Particle library wont work on multiple displays?

hi guys

im having a problem, when using dottore’s particle library and moving the renderer to another display, it stops working.

Is this because of the non spanmode in windows 7 ?? or is it me ?

Im new to w7. now im seeing that the secondary display seems to be “located” in the intel HD graphics instead of the Nvidia.not sure if this is correct, but maybe this is the problem?. Im checking how to change that.

Also, the technique that has this problem is the Verlet in the behaviour folder

well if you got “intel HD graphics instead of the Nvidia” means that some of the shaders might not work… Intel videocard is quite crap i guess…

I have both, Intel and nvidia. I set vvvv to run with nvidia, but maybe the second display is running with the intel. dont know.

Only this technique doesn’t work with second display

can’t say you something more specific.
but looks like it’s a patch architecture related.
i was guessing that it’s might be a texture problem, but looks indeed strange.
first look on shader did’t reveal any clue.
can confirm vvvv crashing every time i move render from monitor to monitor.

Hey people,
i have a similar issue in xp32 in dual view (all ok in horizontal span), when i move my render screen to the other monitor i haven´t particles anymore, i need to save the patch with this configuration and reopen it.

this trick only works with some of the Dottore´s examples,
i think this is not only a problem of Win 7.

actually it seems to be a problem in the queue ex9 node which breaks when you put the renderer on another screen. (as pointed out here: and in ##vvvv before)
anyway, it improved a bit in beta 25.1 as the queue at least can be made to work again. (before alpha 25.1 one had to restart vvvv to get it to work again). also pay close attention to renderer(tty) output ;)