Particels bug

After reopening a patch with the new particels-module in vvvv40beta16, v crashes. In the failure report is also listed a timeliner ?

interesting…is this reproducible? if so, how exactly?

The problem is propably windows UserAccountControl. when opening V as admin and then opening the patch, the crash follows. After disabling the userAccountControl everything works normally, in case you do not run the application as admin. Like appearing on vista, the same problem comes on XP: just opening V or the patch is no problem - when opening as admin it crashes.
I attached the patch in case, it’s just the helppatch, a little modificated

Partikel_01.v4p (26.0 kB)

hmm, cannot reproduce this. i am always working as admin and don’t get a crash with this patch. can anyone else reproduce the crash?