Part of patch running at the different speed - possible?

can i have part of patch running at the different speed?
e.g. all textureFX at 60 fps and same time contour calculations at 30 fps,
or some shader at 60 fps and parallel chainFX flow at 30 fps?

not in one vvvv instance…

ok…i see, it means to split to two instances and marry them again?
osd the best way?

easiest might be to split things up into 2 instances and share values etween them via udp/osc/etc.

if you need texture-sharing between these instances, you could try some alpha-twe4ks (daily/ --> sharedtester)

hi sebl,
dead link…
can’t i achieve texture-sharing via shared memory?


that’s a technique using shared-mem for textures. i think it’s experimental, but in my few tests it worked really well

can`t you simply enable the contour on every 2th frame via framecount?

or set videotextures wait for frame to 2 or even higher

Thanks guys
i will try the things out

here’s what you’re looking for: daily/core/ that alpha shares every texture what is created in vvvv just connect an info and you’ll get the shared handle of that texture. after that you send the handle over to the other vvvv via udp or whatever and feed it to SharedTexture (EX9.Texture) (which will obviously output the texture created in the source vvvv). this method is completely spreadable, fast and stable. also it requires vista or win7

thx @ microdee
i got sharing, it but without second spread
also just found: