Parsing UDP messages

I need to communicate with a software that is reading a semicolon “;” with every UDP message. Values are accepted just fine, but on the other hand they need to have a message behind them. How does one concatenate a string with a value before sending it?

Note: in PD this is achieved with Any2bytes. Maybe there is something equivalent in vvvv?

you mean FUDI?
girlpower\IO\Networking\1_Simple (FUDI)

note that NetSend (Network Value) is a module which you can open to learn from.

Thanks, but that’s what I’ve been looking at. The issue is not NETSEND per se, but how to parse the values before they are sent, since these have to be sent as a string + a value ending with a carriage return, line feed or CR/LF pair. That is one problem. The second problem (probably simpler) is how to pack a string and a number in one network message…

Right! oscencoder-(network) works for the purpose (unbundled), as the messages get passed. Just can’t seem to be able to escape an “,” at the end of each message…

but did you have a look inside the module? there you should see your questions answered.

I have now :) Didn’t understand that was what you meant. There it was… Thanks!