Parser error on vvvv startup with empty patch


i get a parser error (attched file) in the newest alpha (7dbb5da8a7). By diggin a little bit deeper there is patch witch keeps an old node information. Also if i delete anything in the patch. Also i tried to clean links. Only deleting the node via editor helps. The error comes up when starting vvvv.

see attached patch

vvvv.exe-exception-2015-07-17.log (37.1 kB)
Parser (9.0 kB)

Got some more information about this.
The origin of the Parser Error is a empty patch (Textblur_alpha.v4p) just with the XML Header

<!DOCTYPE PATCH  SYSTEM "[versions/vvvv45beta29.2.dtd"](") >

Some patches in the projekt keeps the link to the broken patch, also when they are empty.
On other strange behavior is that the Patch RemainNodeInfo.v4p, which keeps link to the broken node, doesn’t want to be saved and deleted.

Parser (831 Bytes)

indeed. fixed. thanks.