Parallel dxva movies


i’m experiencing nasty vvvv crashes when playing two gpu decoded videos, wmv9 coded. especially when loading them simultaneously. vvvv terminates immediately, there’s not even time to read the tty message.

anyone had that before? same results on gforce 7900gtx and 7800gtx. the patch worked on a 6200, so i guessed, the reason must be the decoding. xvids e.g. make no trouble at all


i have seen that happen but always thought is must be a driver issue. strange only that they obviously did not resolve it yet.

are u using same drivers on the 6200 and the 7800, 7900?

what if you playback two of the .wmvs in a mediaplayer? if playing them back in mediaplayer classic you could even see if they are realy both being decoded on the gpu.

go to play->filters->video renderer->pin info: what is the value for AM_MEDIA_TYPE:subtype for both playing instances when they don’t fukc up?!

sry, took me quite a while to answer…

i’m using different driver versions on 2 7900, 7800 and 6200. the newest forceware driver to ones that are about one year old.

mediaplayer classic gives me the subtype:
MEDIASUBTYPE_Overlay {E436EB7F-524F-11CE-9F53-0020AF0BA770}

was that any help?

what i would like to find out if only vvvv cannot play 2 dxva-decoded .wmv files in parallel or any other player also cannot.

the subtype you mentioned suggests that mplayer-classic is using overlays in your setup. ie. no dxva-decoding.

in mplayer-classics setup you can set its output options:
playback->options: directshow video: set it to vmr9 (renderless) that is what vvvv uses.

the options to right: vmr7/9 (renderless) & directx7/9 you set like:

  • use texture surface and render video in 3D
  • uncheck vmr9 mixer mode
  • uncheck yuv mixing

now open two instances of mplayer classic playing two of your .wmv files. check the mediasubtype for both instances and post it here. should be the same. and should crash mplayer if both are dxva or vvvv has the bug.