Parallax Mapping Shader

I had a couple of tries to reformat this shader to vvvv friendly form. I don’t think it needs too much changed, but I suck (at hlsl at least) and have failed.

Anyone care to have a look?

Here is a test texture I made for it- it’s just a normal map, with a bump map in it’s alpha channel. This is used to offset the texture coordinates so as to create a parallax effect. (3.3 MB)

Well, need some sleep as the birds are singing… I got pretty close though- here is a zip with patch, shader so far and textures.

It’s kind of like the effect is rotated 90 degrees incorrectly. Hard to explain but easy to see. Any shader gurus out there? (3.3 MB)

kind-off really nice distortions ::]

nice:)… no text …

well I gave up on it. If anyone can figure out how to fix the shader please give a shout.