Painting on a video

Hello, I have a really stupid question about a stupid problem that i cannot solve.

We are doing a team project about drawing/painting on a video projection with your voice. The idea is that the user can see himself on the screen and draw lines(other effects) on the screen. First we just made a quad with video texture and another “drawing” quad with color and turned off the “clear” function of the renderer. The “drawing” quad is doing its function on the background but it is impossible to draw/paint anything over the video texture-ed quad. We used “group” “group with priority” “cons” and other nodes but it doesn’t help. The only solution we came up with is to create a quad with the size of the screen and GDI texture and to make it semi-transparent so you can see what you have drawn on the GDI renderer. But this semi-transparent quad alters the quality of the video and the painting itself (since it is also semi-transparent)…:(

I will be really thankful if some1 can offer better solution to our problem. We need normal clear video texture and full beautiful colors for our project.

P.S Here is the patch attached…Please it is urgent ):

try1.v4p (48.1 kB)

see this thread for transparent renderers ( with alpha)

draw on this separated renderer your drawing

put a dx9 texture to the out of the renderer and connect it to a quad ( be aware to mention on renderer or on dx9 texture node the resolution or it will be crappy)

like this you may use group: entry 1 the video, entry 2 the texture with transparency

I would suggest trying out Blend.fx and experimenting with the blend modes. You might find that you don’t actually need true transparency.

But for true transparency…

Another option is to have a third renderer that you draw to simultaneously, however only use a white ‘brush’ with this renderer. That way the third renderer is essentially an alpha channel for the renderer with the color drawing.