has somebody experienced GPU,CPU or ram overcloacking on laptops??..I thought about doin’ so with my GC…Would vvvv runs faster then?(i don’t care about video games…just want to know about vvvv’s stability)
Any experiences, advices, or bad stories are welcome :]


hey g.

overclocking any of the aforementioned may lead to unstable communication to other PU’s, sometimes hard to track down which part to be blamed for. probably less of an issue if no communication to external devices is involved … but usually you find out quickly which speeds are still ok. vvvvaster? dunno.


no general rules, every model is different. try it. dont fry it.

blowing cold air in the laptop should give some reserves.

made some tests with my GC(GeForce 7700)…I increased Core clock from 450 to 550 Mhz and also Memory clock from 400 to 440 and everything’s fine and stable…I’ve gain a lot into all benchs but dunno for vvvv yet…doesn’t seems to make a real difference…let see what the futur brings…