Over 200 quads or boxes with individual textures?

HI everyone,

is there a way to map individual textures to an array of cubes? or quads?

I want to have over 200 boxes or quads each one with an individual texture.

I could make 200 inputs to the cons node and attach textures one by one but

this seems counter intuitive.

Is there a better way?

I appreciate any help.

If you use filetexture node, and input a spread of 200 filenames into Filename pin, you will have 200 quads each with its own texture.
Plus, take a look here.

I think you totally missed the concept of spreads here!!


Not sure if it works with 200 textures, I dont have a folder with 200 textures, but check this little example.

I think it is a bit “cheezy” to have 200 pictures in a grid, but now you have something to start and play with.

200 quads in a grid (10.6 kB)
Modified attractor patch (13.2 kB)

thank You h99 and WestBam.

I like the attractor seems very interesting.

I was aware of spreads and cross because I went over the video tutorials, but was not aware loading 200 textures in one go, Amazing.

Thank you a lot, this sends me closer to deciding if I should use vvvv or use another software for my project.