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I still having problems with vvvv. Possibly I don`t understand some rules…

Anyway I´m trying to capture my keyboard. So I´ve downloaded a patch here. The input works. Than I´ve tried to create a txt-file, so that I can save this input (all the keys I press on my keyboard) to the file test1.txt. But it doesnt work! I just dont understend where is the fault. I attach my modified file here (below). Maybe somebody can help?


kbinput_modified_output.v4p (11.7 kB)

you’ve got a mean bug in your patch:

  • the IOBox labeled ‘Mask’ contains the text ‘test1.txt’ followed by a NewLine character, which results in an invalid filename. doubleclick the IOBox, delete everything past the last t, then click anywhere else in the patch (do not press enter!) to confirm.

  • the IOBox labeled ‘write’ is set to Toggle, which tells the Writer (File) to write a file every single frame. with the writer set to ‘append’, this results in the file growing bigger and bigger. you’ll want to set the IOBox to Bang.

if i understood your project correctly, you probably want to bang the writer every few seconds (to append the new data) and clear the buffer afterwards - with a Framedelay (Animation) - to avoid writing the same data twice.

you can also make your life easier with the Renderer (TTY) , which outputs all the errors VVVV encounters while running your patch.

Hi diki!

Hej, its unbelievable but i got it! (jeah, it took a while). Thanks for bug-report. So now it works. Actually it works without Framedelay. It doesnt write the data twice wenn I switch the Append off.

The Renderer is really very usefull: always says : “Everything you know is wrong”.


Ahm. Nö…
It doesn`t work. If I turn the “Append” off, tnen the txt-file is empty as soon as i close and open the patch. You are right. It looks like I need something like Framedelay. But where schould I place it?


so you’ve got 2 IOBoxes you can bang: one for clearing the buffer holding all the keys that have been pressed, and one for writing (appending) the buffer to a file.

whenever you would like to write what has been captured, you would need to bang the writer (to write what is in the buffer at that frame), and exactly one frame later (when the writer has finished writing what is in the buffer) clear the buffer.

so if (for example) you’ve got an LFO (Animation) ‘s ‘Cycles’-pin connected to a Change (Animation) , you can then connect its output directly to the Write’ pin on the Writer (File) ; for clearing the buffer, however, you’ll need to put it though a Framedelay (Animation) first.

if you omit the framedelay, the buffer will be cleared in the same frame that the writer tries to append it to the file, and the writer will append nothing - the file will stay the same.

Hej thanks for support.

Now it works really! It looks like i start to understand vvvv. Great tool, great vvvvorum, great vvvvolks here!


I still having problems with vvvv

be sure:
we all have.
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“that’s why we meet here…”

Ah, that`s great!
See you soon in the next topic.

LG, Juliett.