Output on a photoframe

Hi guys,

I’m trying to have the renderer show up fullscreen on a photoframe. This frame is connected via USB and it can work as a mini-monitor. Playing movies through mediaplayer works fine. I cannot, however, make the content of the renderer appear, the window remains empty -> the same problem that I run into every now and then when trying to output something on the 2nd screen. Usually it sorts itself out, somehow, at some point ;), but not now…
Short improvisations with “device” didn’t help.
Maybe some additional info: Right now there IS an additional 2nd proper screen hooked up. This one shows my renderer. So now I’m wondering whether this photoframe-thing and vvvv might just not like each other.



hey urs,

the window remains empty

does that mean the renderer is gray?

a gray renderer indicates that this screen is not accelerated using Direct3D.
see a related thread about MIMO displays

but a Renderer (GDI) should work here…

yup, empty" as in grey, or with scattered remains of the picture. And, yup, GDI works. And, yup ;), your workaround works, too. Well, leads to me finding out that I’m in need of a different screen, then, I suppose, but still… thanks a lot!


i’m not “jupp”, i’m still kalle ;)

urs sounds like switzerland, am i right?

and if, from where?

sounds like it… in the specific case it’s - very ordinary - german, though ;)