OT: Where to buy LED-Chains, adressable

yet another led - project …
who knows where i find chains, or the components of chains, or somebody who manufactures chains of LEDs that allow for individual switching?
manufacturing does not have to be accurate at all. just loosely connected leds.

Kalle - any hints?

  • danke schonmal,

Hi eno,

is this what you are looking for ?



A nice detail is, that control and powersupply is using the same 3wire connection between the LED-nodes.


ill check that out … thanks. im in contact with some chinese manufacturers already.
if it turns out to be a good and cheap way to get leds with conreollers, ill post it here.

Pixi-Flex by Artistic License is a good ready-made possibility.
Should be very easy to control via VVVV artnet output, plus each LED has RDM (remote device managment) which can be pretty handy if you are using the right interfaces.

this board is used at various places in the cocoon club for controlling leds