OSCout in vvvv -- OSCin in ableton

I found this page finally and Im able to understand the “OSC ClipIn”“OSC transportIn”. But Im not able to understand this page

because the 8 numbers are not changing realtime.I’m pretty sure the UDP has been connected because the “OSC ClipIn”“OSC transportIn” are no problem.Help me thanx.

Which version of live are you using?
And did you try changing ports on both sides or to hit the Update Button in the m4l plugin?

i developed it back then for ableton live 8 and its possible that some minor changes have to be made for live 10
but i dont use ableton live anymore so no support here unless someone hires me for that or try doing it themself.
however fixing it in m4l should be easy

Thanks for your reply !
I`m using ableton live 9.
I tried changing on both sides and hit the Update button and nothing changed.
I will try ableton live 8 later.

I don’t know what you want do exactly, and tekcors plugins are really nice. But there are also other options:


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