Oscillator question

Hi all,

I´m pretty new here, so please forgive me for asking a question that may be too basic.

The Oscillator is generating ramps that start at 0 and end up at maximum value, then jumping down to 0 again.

Is it possible to have other waveforms as well ? How could you turn that into a sine or square ?

I guess the forward-reverse flag could be used to generate a triangle instead of a sawtooth, but I´m not really sure how this could be done.

Any ideas ?

Try to connect a Waveshaper (value) to an LFO (value) :)

edit: oops, LFO TO Waveshaper is what is working offocours…

Thanks !

Now the LFO does what it should :)

To other beginners : The LFO out goes to the Waveshaper in, the Waveshaper out goes to the parameter you want to be modulated.

In the Plug-in package there is my Tweener plug-in somewhere, works just like Waveshaper, only has a few different modes…