OSCGlue + Logic 5.5.1= Crash

i recently downloaded the OSCGlue Plugin and so far it seems impossible for me (and two other friends) to run OSCGlue under Logic 5.5.1 (=latest pc version).

the plugin is loaded but as soon you select it logic crashes immediately …

any idea how to run it? or some experience with a working combination of logic + OSCGlue?



same here with cubase , nuendo and reaper sequencers. (win XP)

in reaper it crashes as i try to load the plugin.

in cubase & nuendo it will appear as an insert but it will not come out of bypass mode. not matter how hard i click my mouse button. lol. as well the plugin does not look like what it does in the picture on the webpage, it looks very simple just a few sliding faders. maybe some type of java update is needed or alike.?!?

also i’ve tried this on 3 different xp machines , same problem.