OSCGlue bugs & features

My Make Controller speaks OSC - but it expects OSC addresses with more than 2 parts.

To control a servo, for example, the address for the first servo controller is /servo/0/position - and to control all the servos on the board at the same time it’s /servo/*/position. I see the “Name” option and the parameter definition could be used in conjunction to get /servo/1 - but I need to append “position” or “speed” or the like.

Is it possible to have this plugin send OSC addresses with more than 2 parts? Something like this:


Being able to set the OSC address independently for each parameter would be great - as this seems like the “missing link” for being able to do lots of fancy things from Live with this controller board.

Thanks for this plugin, BTW, it’s opening up a lot of possibilities.


hi :)

ive installed oscglue and i can see it in my plugin insert section. Is it possible to send the osc messages to another machine on the network and have it decode the osc to midi or vst so that i can control parameters on the receiving sequencer?

thanks for any help :P

hello oschatz.

I wonder, can Oscglue also receive osc messages so that they can be recorded onto the timeline of a sequencer? or can oscglue only send osc not receive?


hello. still testing this plugin out. nuendo maxmsp ( old pentium 3.2 D dual core 3 gig mem RME digi 9652)

I find it works very well with only a few parameters in use (freq ,lamp etc).
If too many parameters are used at one time the sequencer can crash if the buffer is too low

So I was wondering, It would be great if there was a way to reduce the amount of data sent from the glue plugin, (fewer steps perhaps? not so high a resolution) So we can have more channels/parameters (freq lamp etc) at one time running.

Not sure if you take requests or whether you will ever develop this plugin further, but my two hopes are for,as mentioned: data reduction from the plugin and also to be able to receive osc into oscglue so we can control the oscglue sliders externally from other aplications and controllers so we can record data back into the sequencer time line. as at present the only way to get human data into nuendo is via midi.

hope this all makes sense.

peace and thanks: )

hello, does somebody know how to make nuendo3 recognize oscglue ?

I already put oscglue.ini and its .dll in my vst folder, but no oscglue in my midi insert…

I’m I on a wrong way ?


look inside an audio insert or even sometimes it pops up inside as a vst instrument.


Can we specify an IP ? I would like to send to Localhost, but it doesnt seem to want to work, the only way to do this is by connecting up another PC with a cat5.i cant get loopback unless i do this.

OSC broadcasts to every machine in the network and so we cannot specify a single machine.

Also if you only have one machine and wish to send to itself via localhost
for example cubase to maxmsp on the same machine you can’t.unless you hook up another machine…

oscglue will only work if you have two or more machines connected.

am i right on this?