OSCDecoder and spread of Address

Hello, I’m using the OSCDecoder (Network) and for keeping thing easy I would like to feed the Address node with names took from a txt file.
I would like to keep things really easy so, every line in the file is an element of the String spread.

This is not working, if I compare the strings coming out the file they results different from an handwritten string.

Here the patch for the testing.

OSC_AND_REGEXP.v4p (35.0 kB)
midi14.OSC_.txt (26 Bytes)

The difference gets obvious if you use Byte or AsRaw after the io box
I think there is a newline in the not working string resulting from the regex opperation


OSC_AND_REGEXP_newline.v4p (38.5 kB)

instead of a regexpr for such a simple case als try Separate (String) with its Intersperse set to NewLineAutoDetection.

Thank you both, resolved!