Hi, I have have problems to receive OSC signal from max msp.
I have 2 adresses

/canal/0 (2 integers)
/canal/1 (2 integers)

It seems that vvvv is not able to separate info from these two adresses coming from max. I only can get infos from one

Does anyone as a very simple exemple of working communication between max and vvvv, with more than 1 adress?

It’s seem ridiculus but i pass manyhours with no succes …,


are you using OSCdecode ? you need to split in 2 condition with string recognition ( 0 1 ) then decode teh result

two things:

  • try to send both messages from max/msp in one bundle.
  • make sure UDP (Network Server)'s Queue Mode is set to Spread

if that doesn’t help please show us in a patch how you are using OSCDecoder (Network).

hi there.
as joreg said, udp server must be set to spread.
also, if you want to send 2 or more integers, make sure they are symbols…
see the attached patches

good luck

udpmaxvvvv.zip (2.1 kB)

some more points:

  • i’ve had trouble with osc bundles, dunno why but try without them if you can
  • make sure you have a type tag for both integers, ie. it should be ii for an input with 2 x int