Hi vvvvolks!

I am trying to get my head round touch osc…

I have a layout I’ve made, just a simple xy controller on my Android device

I have a UDP node attached to a OSCdecoder node and am indeed receiving a long string of hex numbers which seem to change (very quickly)

how do I get these into a useable format? ie x and y values in a 0…1 range?

Thanks in advance


Check the patch I posted here: https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/10558


Wow, thanks Westbam…

Ok, this works but I still think I’m doing wrong!!

had to mess with BigEndian and AsValue with an s+h node…


you could post the patch to demonstrate your problem…

also note there is a whole lot of info on OSC to be found here:
girlpower\IO\Networking\2_Advanced (OSC)

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xy.v4p (8.4 kB)

Thanks Joreg, I was missing that due to using an older Beta, that explains much!

The OSC stuff are strings, so yes, a AsValue is needed, that is good, a S+H is also needed, because if you don’t move you don’t get any values.

Not sure what you are doing with the UDP node there without the rest.

Also… not really sure what you are asking. And who is BigEndian?

First get the OSC, convert them to strings, S+H that and THAN you can move quads arround.

would that help ?

xy.v4p (20.2 kB)

Ok got it now and all working…

My mistake was sticking the IP address into the address pin on the decoder node. Doh!

So now it makes sense!

Thanks for the tips…

@Westbam bigendian is an inspector setting for the asraw node for the byte order… I was sniffing the port and not using the decoder so I was getting the raw values…

Anyways a happy osc user now…!

Thanks again all…