OSC vvvventuz

not this is of big relevance BUT ventuz does not understand OSC messages send by vvvv. on the other hand, OSC stuff send with eyecon does appear. i’m just trying to understand what’s the difference.

eyecon sends float messages by default and bundled. if u can give me a hint to find out what eyecon is doing different to v4, i would …erm… be happy :)

hard to guess again. there shouldn’t be so much one can do wrong…can you post a patch that sends osc which ventuz does not understand?

do they have a demoversion i could try with?

you should be able to pick up the osc data eyecon sends with vvvv. use an UDP node + the Byte node to decode. then do the same with vvvv receiving the stuff vvvv sends.

or use Etherreal

problem solved. i used version 10 which doesnt send bundled messages but version 11 does. although the messages still look different to eyecon regarding the timestamps…why ?

i finally used OSC-monitor from frieder weiss http://www.frieder-weiss.de/OSC/index.html

check screenshot…first eyecon output…then vvvv

osc_traffic.JPG (49.6 kB)

right. vvvv does not yet send timestamps. only “1” which stands for “immediate” in osc.