OSC to VVVV Server

hi, i’m sending the message from standalone WPF app via OSC to vvvv server…
my message is decoded nicely by OSC Decoder:

however it never appears in exposed io box
the message is saved as raw in attached file

i’m using this library: https://github.com/ValdemarOrn/SharpOSC
the project is also included…

file.txt (32 Bytes)
OSCInterface.zip (119.2 kB)

hei anto,

just checking: in the screenshot you’re obviously sending osc to port 4444 which is decoded correctly by the OSCDecoder. but the server has a different port: 44444 which you’d need to send to, right?

Hey thanks that might be the issue ;)
Will check in the morning ;)

Allright saga continues…
now since it all working fine i’m trying to setup connection back from vvvv to my interface… however there is an exception on the way…

any clue what it causes, and any hint’s on how to setup UDP Listener properly, i suspect i has to run as a background process but i have no clue how to do that right…

OSCInterface.zip (130.4 kB)

ok seems this one was cause port was used in VVVV
anyways any one know how to run this in background?

ok so code i’m trying to use :

public MainWindow()
            OSCSendIP = this.boxOSCSendIP.Text;
            OSCSendPort = Int32.Parse(this.boxOSCSendPort.Text);
            OSCRecivePort = int.Parse(this.boxOSCSRecivePort.Text);


      public static void OSCReciver()
            Task.Run(async () =>
               using (var listener = new UDPListener(55555))
                   string loggingEvent = "";
                   while (true)
                       var recv = (OscMessage)listener.Receive();
                       if (recv != null)

this dosn’t work tho

OSCInterface.rar (118.0 kB)