OSC Server not parsing bundle from python osc library

Hi , I would like to send some bundled data to a vl osc server but it isn’t parsed. I tried using this demo code to test. The data is read but looking inside the OSCServer, the unpack.unpackmessage that should be sent to spreadbuilder/add doesn’t return the oscMessage.
osctest.zip (697 Bytes)
The original code is here, and my python test program has ip destination and port 5005.

Hi, I’ve been playing around with OSC lately (on maui on android) and haven’t been able to send non-ascii stuff around, and that also involved some types like floats, basically I had to convert everything to English strings to make it work ;) i think there are few stuff evolved like encoding and decoding raw data that are implemented differently across the libs… so sometimes encoder doesn’t match decoder and you are prolly have the error there… as for bundles they were working great…

@Hadasi as i see this, the problem is with our OSC implementation not handling the case of bundled bundles. this is the first time i see use of it in the python code. but i am not really sure why it is done that way. if you don’t see any particular reason for this, you should get this to work by simply sending the messages only in one bundle. hope this makes sense.

obviously also our parser should eventually handle recursive bundles.

@antokhio i am not sure i understand what you mean:

this makes perfect sense, as the OSC specification is explicit about only handling ascii strings. if you want to send unicode you’d have to do this via byte blobs, not osc strings.

can’t follow here. if you’re sending floats with the float typetag, i don’t see a way this could not work.

that doesn’t make sense. the osc specification is exact on how things need to be encoded/decoded. if anything doesn’t work, either the sending or receiving implementation is not correct. please demonstrate if you have such a case.

Hi @joreg my word we’re not vvvv/VL related, I think my problem was some random osc nugget witch wasn’t properly implemented or I didn’t managed to get it to work correctly. Maybe my problem was that I had to use byte blobs. In any case thanks for the info, didn’t had much time to study osc specification

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