OSC encoder

I am using a fft to sample music frequency then I sending to grasshopper using udp. Some one has suggested that I use OSC bundle. First, briefly describe what OSC and what is the advantage of using it versus just sending the raw data?

please start reading about osc here then come back with a more specific question.

OSC ‘packs and unpacks’ the data from a binary signal for you (which isn’t too difficult if you’ve already got your hands in programming, but is really useful in general)

it also addresses your data.

basically it’s really useful when you don’t want to fiddle with the networking elements yourself, or you want to send multiple pieces of information over the same channel without them being confused / having to unwravel them

is there OSC for windows phone?

I have read the info on OSC, but I don’t see or experience the differences between encoding a data with osc then sending it through udp vs. sending the data through udp. Could difference, maybe it is because my data is not large enough? Is

Secondly, I have trouble decoding the message in grasshopper, any hints?

i’d say as long as you don’t miss anything when sending data directly via udp then just do so. it doesn’t make your data “better”, just more flexible to use but it may well be that your case does not need anything osc can do for you.

so when is it an appropriate or a better time to use osc versus udp?

well, as elliot already said, a good use is when you want to send different parameters via one udp-port. then osc adds an “address” to your data that you can conveniently filter for on the receiving end. as long as you have only one parameter on one channel you’ll be fine with udp directly…

thanks all for clarifying some of my confusions; I will test these concepts